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No Secrets Here

How did you get into photography?

My folks bought me a little canon point-n-shoot when I was in middleschool. I poured over editorial fashion photography and National Geogrpahic through my teenage years and my Dad bought me my first camera with manual settings when I was 14. In my late teens and early 20s I traveled a lot and never thought to bring my camera with me (unfortunately!), but I loved taking intentional photos with my smartphone. At one point in time I inquired with an art schools photography program to see if it was a good fit... It's so funny to think that I had convinced myself I couldn't mkae a career out of being a photographer! In 2017 I was brought on as an apprentice under my first mentor and it's been my obsession ever since! I started out shadowing on elopements and micro weddings, and slowly branched out into most facets of photo-taking/making. My newest passion projects are documenting women being their majestic selves, and delving into the depths of film photography. From instant polaroids to large format vintage cameras, you could so I am in love.  


How much do you charge? 

I don't like gatekeeping information, so my pricing is available for viewing. For portraits click HERE and for weddings click HERE - Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


How do we book with you?

I prefer inquiries to go through my website inquiry form found in my Contact section. If I am available for your requested date/time then we will schedule a call to discuss details and desires, if I am not available for your date/time I will give you recommendations on other local photographers I know and trust to give you a good experience and high quality images. On our inquiry call we will get into the details of your needs and figure out if my services are a solid fit for your goals. If your needs and values align with my work styles then we will proceed with booking! Yay! For all sessions/weddings I require a signed contract detailing my obligations to you and yours to me. For portrait sessions I require the session fee to be paid in full to secure my services. For weddings I require a deposit (typically 50%, but I make this portion flexible) and the remaining balance to be paid in full prior to the wedding date. Once a contract has been signed and a deposit/payment made, I'm all yours! 


Could you describe what it's like to work with you?

When collaberating with my wonderful clients I aim to give them a friendly, laid back, fun, but professional experience. From our first phone call to receiving your images, I want my clients to feel like they can contact me for anything and that they know they're dealing with an understanding, compassionate human who is empathetic and caring. Consent and clear comminication are held as high values in my life. I fimly believe that photo-making should be fun and/or healing (however that looks and feels to every individual varies), so I like to keep things moving or hold space for emotion when the moment calls; I match the energy of my clients and love laughing and connecting with my people. Let's make art together!


What do you like to do for fun when you're not taking photos/editing/doing office work?

I really like quiet time/activities. I love spending time with my family, animals, and friends. I love being outside (rain or shine), and moving my body in intentional ways, whether it be hiking, gardening, helping friends on their properties, weight lifting, or laying like a lizard on a rock. Enjoying art of all kinds via social media, listening to music or stories, or viewing it in person. I enjoy learning about plants, animals, indigenous knowledge, cooking, weather, skin/hair care, anatomy/bodily connection, human rights movements, and how to be a gentler, kinder human. Trying new food is always a joy and especially if I can share a meal with loved ones. Anything that feels restful and rejuvinating is ALWAYS a good time! I will almost always say yes to a cup of tea. 


Who is your ideal client?

I enjoy to work with people who are willing to give trust and want to collaberate with me to whatever degree they're comfortable with. I love when my clients share their visions/inspiration with me, and I love when folks respect my time and efforts by being prepared for their sessions and organized on their wedding day.


How soon can we expect our gallery?

Gallery delivery times vary from session to session and season to season. Typically for portrait sessions you can expect your gallery to be delivered between 3-10 weeks, and for weddings its more like 5-12 weeks. Many factors contribute to these timelines, and I sincerely appreciate all my client's patience in giving me the space to fulfill my obligations to the highest degree in which I possibly can. Each of my sessions and weddings are custom pieces of art and each one deserve fresh eyes, and unqiue-to-themselves dedication.