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Born in Colorado, raised in Kentucky USA, my heart is in the Red River Gorge, KY. I am inspired by connection, passion and peace. Lover of all things nature, art, and animals. I am one of those people who enjoy mornings, but don't get me twisted, I'm a sleepy girl. I believe that life is ripe with beauty, art and moments to cherish. I am a wife, critter mother, sister, daughter, friend, member of the queer community, an activist, and community helper. I am an open minded listener, a science nerd, and I adore learning.  I like to think that we all have more in common than we don't, so let's hang!

What draws me to photography? It's the people I get the honor of meeting and the fleeting moments with them that I get to capture. It's about getting to know their stories and helping them better express their narrative; put images to the script. Photography has been a healing modaility for myself and I treat all my sessions as a time to celebrate all that you are in hopes of aiding others in their healing journey. I'm a tender hearted love-lover. I see the beauty in all journies of life, and feel humbled and grateful to walk part of your path with you; whether it be for one celebration or documenting your family for decades. To get to know you, and what drives you every day is a privledge.  To create art with you, and recieve trust in the partnership that is created between an artist and their subject, is truly a gift. My heart's mission with photography is to deliver a gallery that transports you back in time, a gallery made with love and respect, a set of images that make you feel.