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Born in Colorado, raised in Kentucky USA, my heart is in the Red River Gorge, KY. I have the personality of a golden retriever, meaning I've never met a stranger. I am inspired by connection, passion and peace. Lover of all things nature, art, the absurdly ridiculous, and animals. I am one of those people who enjoy mornings, but don't get me twisted, I'm a sleepy girl. I believe that life is ripe with beauty, art and moments to savor; I like taking deep breaths and living as slowly as possible. Don't expect me to rush you or myself over anything, let's mosey, life is short. I am a wife, critter mother, sister, daughter, friend, member of the queer community, an activist, and community helper. I am an open minded listener, a science and LOTR nerd, and I adore learning.  I like to think that we all have more in common than we don't. If we have a session in the woods, I'll tell you facts about plants you probably didn't know you wanted. I am ever in awe of the connection of all lives.

What draws me to photography? It's the people I get the honor of meeting and the fleeting moments with them that I get to capture. It's about getting to know their stories and put images to the script. I see photo-taking as a modality for self connection, healing, and for self celebration. I see you, and aim for your to see yourself through the eyes of someone who truly finds you to be magic, literal walking stardust. I'm a tender hearted love-lover. I see the beauty in all journies of life, and feel humbled and grateful to walk part of your path with you; whether it be for one gathering or documenting your family for decades. To get to know you and what drives you every day is a privledge.  To create art with yout is truly a gift that I will never take for granted. My heart's mission with photography is to deliver a gallery that transports you back in time, a gallery made with love and respect, a set of images that make you feel deeply, and an experience that leaves you feeling full in your heart and soul. 



Come say Hi!

PO Box 631 Stanton KY 40380


Let's Stop Time, Just for a Moment


Every Portrait Session comes with my time and expertise when it comes to planning, posing, travel, outfit recommendations, special use permits, locations and more! Galleries are delivered within 3-8 weeks. Purchase your images seperately from your choice of my collections through your shareable gallery.

The Mini - $180*

What you get: 30 minutes of photography, 1 outfit, 1 location, and my creative time editing.

The Full - $250*

What you get:1 hour of photography, 2 outfits, 3 locations, and my creative time editing.

The Deluxe - $350*

What you get: 2 hour of photography, 3 outfits, 3+ locations, and my creative time editing.

Purchase your images seperately from your choice of my collections through your shareable gallery.

*Kentucky requires a 6% sales tax on all services rendered by Lila Callie Photography


Images + The Collections

Not included in your portrait package, digital images are purchased seperately at your convenience once your gallery is live. You can purcahse individual digital images for $50.00 or for a discount you can purchase a collection from your gallery where you will hand select the images you wish to keep forever from the following offerings, or purchase the Mountain Collection to own all your digital images. Once your gallery goes live you have 7 days to make your images selections for purchasing.

River - 15 images priced at $12.00 rather than $50.00 for a total of $180 taxes icluded

Moon - 30 images priced at $10.00 rather than $50.00 for a total of $300 taxes icluded

Mountain - Your entire gallery, no images withheld (guaranteed between 40 and 80 images an hour) for a total of $500 taxes icluded




Documenting Light & Love

Let's talk WEDDINGS

I'll be there to capture all the big, joyful moments and the sweet, quiet ones that punctuate the day. It would be an honor to be a part of the team that it takes to make your big day that much more special and fun!

Wedding day coverage is **$500 an hour, rather than having a series of "packages" to choose from, I strategize directly with my clients on how much coverage would be best for their individual needs. I have learned from experience that there are minimum time coverages depending on the event size; 25 people or less can comfortably be documented in 3 hours, where anything larger than that needs 5+ hours to keep us from feeling unecessarily rushed. Every couple is unique and prioritizes different goals, and it is my hope to structure offerings that are dynamic and supportive to everyone who wants to work with me! I guaruntee between 40 to 80 images an hour which you will recieve in multiple edits (color and black and white), on an online gallery. Galleries are delivered within 12-16 weeks; I work multiple jobs so I need plenty of time to do my best work with your images.

Second photographers start at $100 (and goes up to $200 depending on the photographer) an hour, as I want to support other artists as comprehensively as possible. 

Travel fees do apply to any locations more than a 1 hour (one-way) drive from Clay City, Kentucky 40312. For out of state celebrations I require a daily travel stipend for myself and/or a second photographer if one is hired, there will be a price difference for locations in which I can drive to within a day or need to take a flight in order to be there, please inquire for more details.

**My wedding coverage hourly rates will be rising on June 15th 2023 from $500 to $600 an hour, to secure my current lower rates please book with a signed contract and deposit paid before June 15th 2023.



Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions begin at $350 for 2 hours of fun, hanging out and loving on your sweetheart while I snap away. Like my portrait sessions, engagement sessions are broken down into 2 payments, your session fee and you image purchases. See my Family + Portraits page to learn more. In your engagement session what you can expect to do is snuggle, laugh, snuggle some more, run around somewhere beautiful with me in tow, and stare into the eyes of the human you love most in this world, all while I crack bad jokes. Fun will be had, and I might bring cookies.


Mottos I live by:

Connection is a gift, we are all inherently beautiful,

loving ourselves as we are TODAY is one of the greatest loves we can know,

family is everything, community is everything,

acceptance saves lives, compassion > ego,

it's all perspective, slow and steady does win the race (if winning is something you're into, that is)...