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for lovers, dreamers, and storytellers

Lila Callie Photography strives to offer photos and a photo-taking experience that is intentional, tailored to you, supportive, and filled with heart. Photography is for everyone; every body, every identity, every love story and style, every family, and every culture.


All Peoples are welcome here.


Specializing in colorful, art-inspired imagery that connects the viewer to the love contained within the image itself. Lila is ever striving to create heirloom images that showcase her clients and subjects with the natural and abundant beauty that they uniquely embody. Documenting the inherent magic that we all contain and spread in our wake as we move through this life. 

Approaching photo-making through a metaphorical lens, viewing every day life and light as a gift, Lila is looking for ways convey the importance of connection; with our senses, our spaces, our kin, our culture, and our planet. 




Hello and welcome!

Born in Colorado, raised in Kentucky USA, my heart is in the Red River Gorge, KY. I am inspired by connection, passion and peace. Lover of all things nature, art, light, and animals. I am one of those people who enjoy mornings, but don't get me twisted, I'm a sleepy girl. I believe that life is ripe with beauty, art and I try to cherish it all. I love quiet moments where my only objective is to observe, be present, and tune into my surroundings. I am a wife, critter mother, sister, daughter, friend, member of the queer community, an activist, and community helper. I am an open minded listener, a science nerd, and I adore learning.  I like to think that we all have more in common than we don't.

What draws me to photography? I don't know how to answer this question in short-form that will offer a comprehensive reponse that does my obsession and adoration of photography justice. At the core of it, it is equal parts a form of expression of my heart, it's like an extention of the immense love for life that I carry, and my enormous appreciation for people, connection in all forms, and the human experience. I am honored to step behind my camera to document any moment, at any time, for any person, business, or celebration. I love the people that photography has brought into my life and the fleeting moments we share, or the years of documenting I get to do for them, its all a privlege, the greatest gift. 

What's with the rabbit in your logo? Rabbits are far more than just a mascot for my business, while they are my favorite animal, to me they represent so much of what I love about photography. Rabbits are mysterious, contain a other-worldly magic that I relate to light - there one second, gone the next. They spur curiosity and lead secret, wild, love-filled lives full of community and adventure. Every time I see a wild rabbit or interact with one of my pet bunnies, my heart swells and I cannot help but feel deep gratitude for getting the chance to share this life with these creatures, and all creatures.

With all that said, I bet you can tell I am a big softie. I hope you know that if you ever work with me that you know I so appreciate our time together, no matter the scenario or length of time.  



Come say Hi!

PO Box 631 Stanton KY 40380



Bring artisinal quality prints to your life and those you love. Prints make excellent gifts for all occasions and wall hangings really do transfrom a house into a home. Follow the link HERE to view my art gallery, which is currently featuring my trip to the coast and temporate rainforest of Washington USA. Don't see what you're looking for? Shoot me an email if you need a specific style of print or size.




Photos to capture milestones or the sweetness of day-to-day activities; life is full of objects, moments, people, places, critters, and heirlooms that deserve their own form of preservation and documentation. Whether you're celebrating a new chapter of life; an engagement, graduation, pregnancy, retirement, a new pet, a new home, just to name some options OR you just want to capture the beauty of life as it is in the here-and-now, in all it's simplicty and comfort, there is no wrong reason to book a portrait session. Part of what makes portrait sessions so fun is how customizable they are; they can be low-key or you can go all out, full glam, and throw a party, or somewhere inbetween.

Every Portrait Session comes with my time and expertise when it comes to planning, posing, travel, outfit recommendations, special use permits, locations and more! Payments are made either in full or broken up into a payment plan that is unique to your needs. Galleries are delivered within 4-10 weeks. You can add a 35mm film or Polaroid Film upgrade to any portrait package, prices may vary.

The Mini - $300

What you get: 30 minutes of photography, 1 outfit, 1 location, my creative time editing, and 15 high resolution images to keep. This is only offered in Clay City KY for first-time clients, or within 30 minutes of driving one-way for returning clients. Download your allotted 15 images or purchase additional images separately from your choice of my collections through your shareable gallery.

The Full - $550

What you get:1 hour of photography, 2 outfits, 2 locations, my creative time editing, and 40 high resolution images to keep. Download your allotted 40 images or purchase additional images separately from your choice of my collections through your shareable gallery.

The Deluxe - $850

What you get: 2 hour of photography, 3 outfits, 3+ locations, my creative time editing, and 70 high resolution images to keep. Download your allotted 70 images or purchase additional images separately from your choice of my collections through your shareable gallery.

The Mega - $1200+

What you get: Starting with 4 hours of photography with the option to add more and starting at 100 images to keep. This is the perfect collection for a small business, farmer, and/or crafts-person to document what they do, and how they do it. This can also include product photos, business branding and story-telling to elevate a website, product page, social media and more. Alternatively, this is a great option for families who really want a day-in-the-life session, this is the offering for you. This will be a no pressure, no rush, at home session where I can blend in with the family routines, meet all the pets, and watch you all move through your home at your own pace and rhythm. This offering has no location limits, or outfit limits and you'll get all my creative time editing. Download your allotted 100 images or purchase additional images separately from your choice of my collections through your shareable gallery.

Steamy Sessions $1200+

Steamy Sessions are akin to what we know as "Boudoir", but are much more in line with conveying love and intimacy in an authentic and creative fashion, forget those pin-up, overly sexualized styled sessions, we are making art, people! These sessions have no time limit, no location limit, outfit limit and include a lot of one-on-one guidance before and during the session for individuals, couples, or people who engage in polyamory. All individuals engaging in a steamy session MUST be 21 or older, proof of ID is required. Please email to inquire for additional information. Gallery samples are available at request and only after an initial consultation.


Images + The Collections

Additional images are purchased seperately at your convenience once your gallery is live. You can purcahse individual digital images for $40.00 or for a discount you can purchase a collection from your gallery where you will hand select the images you wish to keep forever from the following offerings. 

River - 15 images priced at $12.00 rather than $40.00 for a total of $180 taxes icluded

Moon - 30 images priced at $10.00 rather than $40.00 for a total of $300 taxes icluded

Mountain - Your entire gallery, no images withheld (guaranteed between 40 and 80 an hour) for a total of $500 taxes icluded





I'll be there to capture all the big, joyful moments and the sweet, quiet ones that punctuate the day. It would be an honor to be a part of the team that it takes to make your big day that much more special and fun!

Wedding day coverage is $600 an hour, and rather than having a series of "packages" to choose from, I strategize directly with my clients on how much coverage would be best for their individual needs. Every couple is unique and prioritizes different goals, and it is my hope to structure offerings that are dynamic and supportive to everyone who wants to work with me! In my years of experience I've learned a few "rules of thumb" that can help couples figure out approximateIy how many hours you need to start with to have a photo-making experience that feels intetional and not rushed; a true elopement with just the couple and a friend or two can be documented within 2 to 3 hours, a wedding with 25 guests or less can comfortably be documented starting at 3 hours, and a wedding with 25+ guests needs about 5-6 hours to document most of the day without feeling rushed. My philosophy around wedding day photos is that you deserve to enjoy your day however you please! Rushing from one event or task to another can take away from the importance of the day and I believe my role as your photographer is to pace things in a way that makes room for the heart of the day to shine through. I guaruntee between 40 to 80 images an hour which you will recieve in multiple edits (color and black and white), on a online gallery. Galleries are delivered within 12-20.

Wedding Portraits (before or after your date) are a great option for couple's not wanting to cut into precious moments with loved ones on their big day. You get to prioritize unqiue locations or expereinces, just the two of you, without the pressure of needing to stick with the wedding-day timeline. This can be added to any wedding package for a 15% discount!

Second photographers start at $100 (and goes up to $200 depending on the photographer) an hour, as I want to support other artists as comprehensively as possible. 

Travel fees do apply to any locations more than a 1 hour (one-way) drive from Clay City, Kentucky 40312. For out of state celebrations I require a daily travel stipend for myself and/or a second photographer if one is hired, there will be a price difference for locations in which I can drive to within a day or need to take a flight in order to be there, please inquire for more details.



Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions begin at $850 with 70 images for you to keep, and what you can expect is 2 hours of fun, hanging out and loving on your sweetheart while I snap away.  See my Family + Portraits page to learn more about what is included in a 2 hour session. In your engagement session what you can expect to do is snuggle, laugh, snuggle some more, run around somewhere beautiful with me in tow, and stare into the eyes of the human you love most in this world, all while I crack bad jokes. Fun will be had, and I might bring cookies. If you book your wedding photography with me you'll get a discount of 25%(thats a saving of $212) off your session!


images with heart, taken with love